… Huh?

17 10 2008

Well hello…

I really don’t get how this blog still gets hits. I was surprised to see all the comments awaiting moderation. I dunno if I should start it back up. I’ll make a poll:



Blog Starting Back Up Again!

27 07 2008

Hey dizzyians,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted since the day BEFORE Easter. This was like the 2nd or 3rd Dizzywood Blog. But I stopped liking dw for a few months. I hope to get this blog back up and running!


Daily Event ?

2 07 2008

He is at the beach and u need to play a game with him. i can’t get the nexxt one because I only got the seeds for the turtlebloom and nothing else, so I am working on it.

Hi Everyone!!!

2 07 2008

Hi I think u may kno me. I am Maizy from dizzywoodhints.wordpress.com. Anyway, I will be helping Aggron for a while. His site reaaaally needs to be updated. It isn’t thaaat good to have a site where only one part is looked at, so I will help him update it. BTW, We’re gonna have more things added now that I’m here.

Happy Easter!!!

23 03 2008

Hello dizzies,

I just wanted to wish you a happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! 


Spy Eye

21 03 2008

This isn’t really new but aggron never posted it so i thought I should:

Well, me computer isn’t letting me take screen shots anymore and I don’t have the dizzy wood camera so this post must be picture-less:

In the Exporers Camp, if you walk a lot to the right youll come to some rocks. click em and then keep clicking them and once its uncovered, quickly click the thing under the rocks. It will give you the 4th magic power, Spy Eye. It lets you spy on any random person in the same room as you. kinda fun…

-Pear24 aka Draerex

New Editor

21 03 2008

Hello, I’m a new editor here. I’ll be helping out as much as possible! Oh ya, I forgot to say my name! I go by Pear24 but my username on DizzyWood is Draerex. I go by Pear24 becuz thats my ClubPenguin username. Here’s me:

dwclothes.jpg Draerex DW picture by pear24pear24

Like aggron, I’m a beta.

If I post any comments, it will say my name is Pear24 with a star. Example below: